Sometimes I feel like I keep reading the same thing. I'm not! But it does feel like Thrillist keep regurgitating the same old poop with a deferent title.

We already did the oldest restaurant in the state. We've done the best restaurant in the state. Now Thrillist has the most iconic bar in each state. thinks the most iconic bar is Peacock Alley. This is the place downtown where politicians hob-nob and Alley has the God forsaken LONG bar!

"For a state that was completely dry until right after Prohibition, it sure does have a boozy past. Peacock Alley is located in the same building where Al Capone would stop by to drink and gamble on the way to Canada from Chicago. Non-powerful folk frequent the place too, mostly to drink from 24 taps that include local breweries like Buffalo Commons and get a taste from the martini bar. Pro-tip: you can order anything from Peacock Alley's restaurant to eat in the bar. We recommend the cowboy rib eye.

Does it feel like Thrillist keeps doing the same lists with just different titles? The Peacock Alley made Thrillist list of the oldest bar in the state.

You still have to love the idea that Capone could have stayed somewhere in that building.

Then  you have the patio!

Peacock Alley/ Facebook