In June, Bismarck's Northwoods League Baseball team which will begin play in 2017 began taking suggestions for a team name. There are now five names to choose from.

The five team names to choose from are 'The Bismarck Baldies,' 'Bismarck Bigfoot,' 'Bismarck Bullies,' 'Bismarck Flickertails,' and 'Bismarck Meadowlarks.'

The Baldies pays homage to Bald Eagles. The Bullies has nothing to do with kids taking your lunch money but rather Theodore Roosevelt's famous phrase, 'bully pulpit.' A flickertail is a squirrel and the Meadowlark is the state bird of North Dakota.

Bigfoot means exactly what you would think. It refers to the furry creature which may or may not be roaming around this planet.

Voting will take place through August 14 and can be done on the Bismarck Baseball website.

Fans who vote are entered to win a hat or a t-shirt.

Think about your vote carefully. This is the team you will be supporting, and the merchandise you buy will don the name you choose.

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