Not everyone knows how great our state is!  Actually, not many people know anything about North Dakota. Every time I go home to Louisiana or travel, I always get asked the same series of questions about North Dakota?



This got me thinking, come up with a list of the questions and comments I hear most while I'm traveling. I bet you get the same series of questions! Do these sound familiar?

  • I take it hockey is a big deal up there!
  • Is South Dakota part of North Dakota?
  • I saw the movie Fargo! Ah-you betcha or oohh-yea!
  • How do you pronounce that soup up there? Kay-knee-ef-la?  (Knefla)
  • Are there snow days up there?
  • Are you on rotary dial? And "are you still on dial up internet connection"? or Do you have internet connection?
  • Do you ice fish?
  • I guess you pull for the Vikings and or the Twins
  • Is there a C in Bismarck?
  • Do they drink a lot up there?
  • Do you go to Canada?
  • How far are you from Canada?
  • Do you work in the oil industry?
  • How do you handle the winters?
  • How much snow do you get?
  • What's a man camp?
  • How long are the winters in North Dakota?
  • Does it really get to minus____  there?(insert your digit)
  • How long are the summers?
  • Do you miss_____________? (insert your home state or city)
  • Where is North Dakota anyway?
  • What the hell are you doing in North Dakota?
  • I bet you can't wait to come home!

Sound familiar? I bet you have some of your own? Please share with us!