Just when we thought we were finally going to send the Hot Hummer to its final resting place... things took an unexpected turn.

Unfortunately for the driver of the flat bed that came to take the Hummer away, the ground around where the vehicle was parked was still saturated from the winter thaw. While trying to maneuver his way out of the area, the weight of the truck caused it to sink into the ground to the point that his side steps were almost touching the ground.

It appears we may have to wait a bit longer to say our final goodbyes...

Update - 4/17/14 2:41pm

TSM Bismarck

This massive tow truck just showed up to pull the flatbed out of our yard.

Update - 4/17/14 3:20pm

TSM Bismarck

The big tow truck comes through and does the job easily! Both trucks are free and on the road again.

The Saga of the Hot Hummer is over... for now...