Thrillist can rank just about anything, and they have ranked just about any and everything. Now, the online column ranks the most miserable states to live in during the winter months.

This is not a real scientific list. It's just two guys who grew up in the Midwest, and they talked to locals, looked at highway statistics and other meaningless data to publish a list.  Here we go with the most miserable states during the winter months. The ranking is 50 to 1, with one being the most miserable state.

  1. Minnesota
  2. Michigan ( I'd agree with this one!)
  3. Alaska
  4. North Dakota
  5. Maine

One the flip side, the best states for winter months are Hawaii, California, Arizona, Colorado and Florida.


Here's a fact (personal opinion I may add), I've lived in the Midwest for close to 10 years. Minnesota is a state that embraces winter. The same applies for our state in NoDak. Most people think we live in 9 months of winter, snow and cold. I share with everyone who asks, our winter can be as long as 4 solid months. And sometimes those months are hard, dark and long. We embrace winter. We ice fish, snow mobile and have the prettiest holidays. We've learned to master the best winter dishes, soups, casseroles and those hearty meals. The same applies to my years in Minneapolis. We still managed to get around on the sub-below temperatures, schools remain open and the highway department does a decent job keeping most of the major arteries and streets open.

I would disagree with the authors of this story, I would replace the word miserable with manageable. You can see the complete list here.