Lions and tigers and... ligers and a jaguar, oh my!

According to AP NewsThe Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone, Minnesota will be caring for some of the large cats from Joe Exotic's (former) sanctuary. Sixty-eight cats were seized by US officials after the sanctuary's most recent owners were issued "citations for failing to properly care for the animals following three inspections of the Tiger King Park in Thackerville since December 2020." Kare 11 reports that the Minnesota sanctuary's executive director said this is a "historic and important" event.

If you need a little update about The Tiger King and company, here is the latest scoop:

The wild story of Joe Exotic and all of the other Tiger King characters is an entertaining one! But it is also incredibly disturbing. These poor animals' lives will always be affected by whatever horrors they may have endured while in captivity. And they can never truly be "wild." Simply put, humans suck.

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