How often do you experience stress in a day? Between your job, home, responsibilities, and relationships, how do you keep your stress level down?

Whether you just started dating somebody new, or you've been with somebody for a couple years, stress in a relationship is always there. Having dealt with a huge amount of stress recently, I came up with a list of three things to help your relationship be stress-free:

1. Take some time to be apart. You don't need to spend every day together. If you take some time to spend away from each other, you'll miss each other which will make your relationship stronger when you are together.

2. Let the other person be who they are. If you try to change them, you'll change the person you fell in love with.

3. Let things go. If there's a problem in your relationship, talk about it, say you're sorry, and then agree to move on. If you're constantly bringing up things from the past, you won't be able to move on.

What are some tips you use to keep your relationship stress-free?