Do you enjoy moving? Or does even the thought of packing boxes, only to have to unpack them at a new location stress you out?

Last night I helped my best friend move in to her new house. While this wasn't my idea of a fun Friday night, we made it fun. Here are three things to help you keep your moving experience positive:

1. Don't rush! If you slow down, you're less likely to forget something or accidentally break something along the way.

2. Make sure to take frequent breaks. This can give you an opportunity to do something besides lifting and carrying heavy things. Also, by taking frequent breaks, you'll be able to work longer because you won't get tired as easy.

3. Don't feel like you have to unpack everything the first night you're in your new place. Unpacking can be overwhelming, and you'll be spending plenty of time in your new house. Unpack the essential things the first night, but wait with the things you don't use as often.

What's something you've learned while moving that made the process less stressful?