Apparently, the holiday season is also considered "breakup season." It must be hitting hard this year, because Ariana Grande's breakup song "Thank U, Next" emerged back at the top of the charts this week. She took notice and even went to social media to see if we fans were alright.

I never realized, in the past, that this time of year was so big for breakups. But appears to be kind of a common occurrence. There was a survey recently taken about holiday breakups. Here's the scoop:

Couples Symbolize Their Love By Attaching Locks To The Brooklyn Bridge
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  • 27% of people have dumped someone before the holidays
  • 57% said they ended their relationship because the spark was gone
  • 44% said they broke off their relationship because they suspected their partner of cheating
  • 4% of people just wanted to be single around the holidays
  • 1% ended it because they didn't want to buy a present for their partner
  • 32% made it through the holidays, waiting until January to dump their significant other

So, whether you find yourself "lucky-in-love" or "single and ready to mingle" this Christmas, I hope it's merry and bright for you all.

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