I love living in North Dakota, I love being an American, I love that the state I call home has one of the highest amounts of active/past military service members in our country. That means right now someone's father, brother, sister, mother, cousin is standing up for the U.S.A. I see the military as our great protectors - who stand in the face of evil, hatred, terror and defend all of us. I see our military swooping to Oklahoma when a natural disaster occurs or guarding the streets of Boston during a terrifying tragedy. I see their family members who know it is the highest honor to give your entire life to serving our country and the families give their loved ones to us. A mom's silent prayer, a wife's silent longing, a child's quiet cry for their parent.

The men and women who make up our Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard, Special Forces, Marines, Police Officers, Firefighters, Emergency Medics are a rare breed. Literally willing to lay down their life for you or for me. I salute each hero today and their family. Thank you for keeping me safe, thank you for defending my freedom, thank you for all you give, you will always be my hero.