When I lived in Grand Forks, The Toasted Frog was a great place for date night or girls' night. I mean, how can you resist all the different flavors of martinis and cheesy fried pickles? I've been patiently waiting for a date night to the Bismarck location, but it turns out, that I'll have to wait a little longer - and for a big reason.

Today (May 5) The Toasted Frog - Bismarck announced in a Facebook post that they will remain closed for at least the next 14 days. You see, an administrative employee for the restaurant recently tested positive for COVID-19. The employee hadn't shown any symptoms, but got tested as a precaution. According to the Facebook post, where the employee contracted COVID-19 is being investigated.

The Toasted Frog - Bismarck didn't get the chance to open yet, but the employee was at the restaurant on Monday (May 4). The restaurant has ceased all operations and will reevaluate after two weeks. Now, not only does the individual who tested positive have to self-quarantine, the rest of the restaurant employees have to as well.

Something like this could be devastating for the employees who were going to need that income. But The Toasted Frog - Bismarck employees clearly work for a noble employer. The Facebook post stated:

"During that time, they will be paid, including the amount that they would normally be making in tips. Some of our employees have multiple jobs. Since we are asking our employees to stay home from those jobs as well, we will also be paying them the wages they would have received from their other sources of employment."

You know, I didn't need another reason to love the Toasted Frog, but I love this place even more now. It's another example of the love we've seen in our community since the Coronavirus craziness began. Thank you to the decision makers at Toasted Frog - Bismarck for caring for your community and your employees.


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