Today, in a first...North Dakota ends elderly scams.

It's all thanks to YOU! Thank you for doing this. Seriously, it's up to us all.

Think of every family member you have. Plus in-laws, friends, neighbors...maybe co-workers?  Is it even thinkable that any of these individuals would be susceptible to an expertly executed SCAM?  Well, let's be sure to make one thing perfectly clear to all these people we know...

We are here for you.

Text them, send them an email, friend them on Facebook, write them a letter, stop by their house, or maybe just call them on their landline!  Explain to these good folks that anytime someone approaches them with an offer, the first thing they need to do is contact you.  No big deal, when someone calls asking them to share some information? All they need to do is contact you.  It's no bother to you, and you'd like to hear from them anyways.

Explain at great length.

Just make sure that you explain at great length that you would be personally offended that they wouldn't share any doubts they may have with you.  Forget about doubts, just tell your family member/friend, that just to be safe, they should contact you anytime they get an "unusual contact". You really need to insist on this...because they may not want to be a bother to you.  Even worse, they may think they're clever enough to go it alone.

Don't ever yourself get caught in this.

I won't judge. But it's maddening to me that it happens.  If we communicate more with others...perhaps we can avoid this scenario from KXNET in Minot.

Recently, a retired Minot area couple lost over $89,000 to a phony prize scam, a ploy that not only wiped out their savings but also cost them a bank loan they took out using their house as collateral.

According to the Attorney General’s office, the couple said the scam began several months ago when they received a phone call supposedly from the “California Gaming Commission,” telling them they had won a $1.7 million prize.


The couple was instructed not to tell anyone about their winnings.

The story goes on about the many hoops this couple jumped through together in their search for a prize. It's not about this story.  It's about all of the stories like this. Over and over.

So thanks for being the go-to for those around you...I'll do the same and maybe we can end scams in our time.

Or at least avoid them better.

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