The days are ticking down to be ringing in the New Year. AND that is not all that's ticking down, the availability to still buy the holiday batter some of us cannot imagine the holidays or winter months without. We are taking the batter that is the base to the warm, soothing cocktail that instantly takes us back in time. OR at least those in our household, the boss lady in our home swears it's not the holidays without this batter, rum, brandy cocktail. Now the batter concept might have scared ya, but we know once you heard served hot, and that rum and brandy were involved, we regained your attention. Have you guessed yet what cocktail we are speaking of? No, NO, and a HECK NO we are not talking egg nog, we are talking Tom & Jerry Cocktails.

PC: Rebecca Wanner
Tom & Jerry CocktailPC: Rebecca Wanner


Essentially a Tom and Jerry is considered a cocktail, often consumed from Thanksgiving thru New Years in the United States. Some feel it is a variant of the popular eggnog, however, those of us raised on this treat feel strongly that it is NOT the same. The batter for Tom and Jerry cocktails is what makes this served hot, never cold, beverage unique. It is a method that uses egg whites, beaten stiff, with the yolks and sugar folded back in, along with then adding in powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and nutmeg to garnish to your liking (tip - having on hand an excellent standalone mixer will be a key to getting this batter just right. Click Here for one of the Best Recipes we can share if you miss it in the store. (See below who sells.)

Tigger & BEC Tom & Jerry Cocktails
Tigger & BEC
Tom & Jerry Cocktails

If we shared ours, well it's a "family secret" and again, the boss lady of this house will have someone spending a blizzard Christmas in "the doghouse". (Hint: We enjoy a good rum and brandy, but for a twist sometimes will use a flavored brandy such as apricot brandy and always a large dash of nutmeg!) So kick back, enjoy and as none of us are going anywhere anytime soon, try making Tom and Jerry Cocktails, they just might become a family tradition for your home too. Tom & Jerry Cocktail Recipe.


If you are out and about, this ready-to-buy is excellent! Look for Bearscat Bakehouse's very own Tom and Jerry batter. We've found it at various locations such as the bakery itself but as well as liquor stores like Captain Jacks. Another favorite of ours is made by Dan's Supervalue and can be found at that grocery store as well as Willquors located in Bismarck.

Bearscat Bakehouse Canva
Bearscat Bakehouse


Hugo Family Marketplace: North Dakota - Grand forks - 5, Jamestown and Grafton, Minnesota - East Grand Forks, Crookston, Thief River Falls, and Park Rapids.

Happy Harry's: Fargo and Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Hornbacher's: Fargo and West Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota.

GREAT tip if you are able to find Tom and Jerry Batter, it freezes really well. One more little secret, once the container is truly frozen, vacuum seal the container and all the frozen batter in it, then toss it back into the freezer for say a blizzard in March or surprise everyone at Easter. Regardless, we hope you have had a chance to have at least one Tom and Jerry Cocktail over these past wintery months. Just be sure to keep the rum and brandy on hand. Enjoy.

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