Earlier this week, the list of the top baby names in the country were released. Today, the top baby names for each state were released.

The Social Security Administration released the list of the top baby names in North Dakota for 2016. It's not all that different from the list of 2015's top baby names.

The following lists are the top ten baby names for boys and girls in 2016.

Rank Male name Number of
Female name Number of
1 Oliver 73 Harper 65
2 William 63 Olivia 65
3 Easton 54 Emma 63
4 Owen 52 Evelyn 59
5 Liam 51 Amelia 45
6 Mason 49 Charlotte 45
7 James 46 Ella 43
8 Henry 45 Nora 43
9 Wyatt 44 Addison 39
10 Hudson 43 Ava 38

The full list of the 'Top 100' baby names in North Dakota is at the link here.

Last year, Liam was the top name for males, while Ava was the top name for females. Those names took a drop to five and ten, respectively. Oliver moved up from number two in 2015 to the top name in 2016 for males, while Harper moved to the top of the females list from number four, last year.

If you're someone in North Dakota who's expecting, you now have access to the most popular baby names of the past year.