Traffic deaths are up 9 percent in the U.S. from this time a year ago, but North Dakota is doing its best to minimize that number.

According to estimates released by the National Safety Council, the overall amount of traffic deaths has continued to rise in the U.S. This is a statistic that has been on the rise for the past two years. Nationwide, an estimated 19,100 people were killed on U.S. roads over the first six months of the year. That number is an 18 percent increase from 2014 at the six-month mark.

At this rate, it's a possibility that the number of annual deaths could surpass 40,000 by year's end. That would be the first time in nine years that the toll has reached that number. Last year, more than 35,000 were killed on U.S. roads, which is the most since 2008.

However, there were seven states in which traffic deaths have declined since 2014 and North Dakota happens to be one of them. North Dakota's traffic fatalities have decreased 10 percent in that time span. The other states that have also declined in traffic deaths are Hawaii (11 percent), Montana (3 percent), Delaware (8 percent), Nebraska (7 percent), South Dakota (34 percent),  and Wyoming (35 percent).

States with the biggest increases since 2014 include Vermont, 82 percent; Oregon, 70 percent; New Hampshire, 61 percent; Idaho, 46 percent; Florida, 43 percent to round out the top five.

So keep continuing to be careful out on the roads, North Dakota. We know you're trying.

Source: Claims Journal