I'm sure you've heard about some of the amazing acts come to the North Dakota State Fair this year, but the artists taking the stage on the first night, Friday, July 21st hadn't been announced... until today.

Here are the acts that have already been announced:

Jelly Roll --Saturday, July 22nd

Eric Church -- Sunday, July 23rd

Joe Nichols -- Wednesday, July 26th

Whiskey Myers -- Thursday, July 27th

Five Finger Death Punch -- Friday, July 28th

Brad Paisley -- Saturday, July 29th

Who Is It?

I know; the suspense is killing me too. On the first night of the North Dakota State Fair there will be a Hip Hop artist. Jaycee, from the NDSF said,

"We had such a great response and turnout for Nelly last year that we wanted to do something like that again."

There will actually be two hip-hop artists performing on Friday, the 21st.

Jaycee says the artists are Ludacris and T-Pain!!



Ludacris is known for several songs, such as, "My Chick Bad," and "Get Back." He's also been in countless movies; most notably, the Fast and Furious franchise.

T-Pain is known for his autotune, synth sound, but don't let this fool you; he's got some pipes. I'm sure you remember, that he was the first winner of the televised singing competition, The Masked Singer.


Get ready for the North Dakota State Fair, July 21st through the 29th!! Bring your friends, rides some rides, eat some fair food and get ready for a great concert lineup.

If you would like more information on the fair or to purchase tickets (on sale March 2nd), you can do that on the North Dakota State Fair's website. 


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