The miracles just keep on coming for one Arlington, Texas family, whose holiday vacation turned into a medical drama, when the newest edition decided to make his debut early.

Chris and Crystal Russell and her three sons were visiting family in Williston, North Dakota, when Crystal, only 24 weeks pregnant, woke up late one night in a pool of blood.

"I thought I had already miscarried and this was just already the after effect," Crystal says of that moment. "I was scared."

The Russells hurried to a hospital in Williston and Crystal was soon rushed to CHI St. Alexius in Bismarck for an emergency C-section. Wyatt Russell was born on December 26, 2015, weighing only 1 pound, five ounces. He was given just a 50/50 shot a survival.

But the tiny fighter (which is what the name Wyatt means) has beaten the odds more than once now, first by battling his way to stable health; and now, he's been cleared to go home with mom to Texas -- over two months before doctors thought he would be able to.

Even once his health improved, Crystal was told that he would need round-the-clock in-patient care until at least his April due date. But Wyatt proved once again, that he's in charge when it comes to when's and how-soon's.

Crystal, who says North Dakota will always remain special to her, is nonetheless thrilled:

Let's get him home, home. Home in his own bed. My thing is that I want to let other parents know there always is someone out there that can you help you; night or day. And if my story touches you, or Wyatt's story gives you hope, then great. And I will be there to help you.

For the start-to-finish version of this incredible story, find Wyatt on Facebook, and if you wish to help out with medical expenses, you can do so on his GoFundMe page.