The petition for recall is primarily sponsored by a Republican Doug whupped in the last election. He's now asking thousands of North Dakotans to join him in storming the governor's mansion. Not literally, c'mon what is this Washington DC?

Let's once again get familiar with Michael Coachman. He hails from the east side of the state and seems to have pretty strong political aspirations. According to Ballotpedia, Mr Coachman ran as an Independent for Secretary of State in 2018, as a Republican in the Republican primary for Governor in June of 2020.  In November of 2020, Coachman ran for Governor in North Dakota's General Election as an Independent. He put up some okay newcomer-numbers but never really seemed to gain traction.  So why not first get the good citizens of North Dakota to bump that bothersome Burgum out of office? Then, maybe Michael could just swoop in for the win?

KFYR-TV is reporting that the wheels have been set in motion. Doug's arch-nemesis Secretary of State Al Jaeger has approved a group to begin collecting signatures that could eventually lead to Burgum getting the boot. Well, to trigger the recall, the group would have to collect 89,000 signatures which is 25% of the voters in the last election.

You know who's never received 25% of the vote? Wait for it...Michael Coachman! This from US News and World Report.

Michael Coachman, who last year received just 10% of the vote in the GOP primary for governor, is alleging “contempt of the voters” and negligence by Burgum.

I'm not critiquing Mr. Coachman's actions, it's his right as a citizen to seek the recall of elected officials for any reason he feels would find agreement with enough other citizens of the state. I'm just saying that Governor Burgum's polling numbers may be on a bit of a slide but he keeps winning elections by a land-slide.

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