If you head to the Ralph Englestad Arena this season to catch a University of North Dakota hockey game, don't expect to hear many references to the team's new nickname.

According to WDAZ, UND has discontinued mentioning the new 'Fighting Hawks' nickname during certain parts of the game, because the crowds would react negatively whenever it was said.

The change was made, according to UND athletics representative Kyle Doperalski, after fans booed whenever the team's new name hit the loud speakers:

We wanted our student athletes on the ice to have a positive response from the crowd to a positive reaction with our student athletes coming out of the penalty box.

A lot has been made about UND's new nickname, which was officially adopted back in November of 2015.

Obviously, the school can't get rid of their new nickname completely. What would be the point of having a new nickname, if you never mention it during games. So, you can still hear the 'Fighting Hawks' moniker during pregame ceremonies and other times throughout the game.