When you work in the broadcast industry, you learn very quickly what you can and cannot say. Ultimately, you don't want to lose your job over some dumb remark you may have made. Usually, when I hear about a broadcaster getting suspended...They deserve it. However, in the case of North Dakota radio play-by-play announcer Paul Ralston, I think the penalty is a bit harsh.

Ralston has been suspended for two games after he used the phrase "choke job" to describe UND's overtime loss to Northern Arizona. Ralston will miss tonight's game against Northern Colorado and Saturday's game against Nebraska-Omaha.

Personally, I don't agree with Ralston being suspended for this statement. Obviously, the statement is detrimental to the team but...they choked! They led the game in the final minute of regulation but allowed Northern Arizona to come back and tie the game. There isn't a much better definition of a "choke job" than that. Two games isn't really all that bad but I still don't think the phrase "choke job" deserves a suspension.