The University of Mary in Bismarck is now offering a study abroad program that will send students to Peru for a semester. This program will be available in addition to the one the university offers in Rome.

And that's not all. The Bismarck Tribune reports:

In addition to the semester long study abroad session, University of Mary will offer students the opportunity to participate in a medical mission, delivering basic health care to Ayaviri, Peru, and surrounding villages in the Andes mountains. Students will work with local doctors and dentists to provide services, including pediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology, to the underserved region.


The medical mission will include the opportunity for physical therapy students to offer their services to children at Corpus et Vita rehabilitation center in the capital city of Lima.

The capacity for the program will be unlimited, because students will stay with host families while abroad.

So far, six students have signed up to travel to the Central American country in the spring of 2015. Students will be allowed to participate as soon as their second semester, though they are strongly encouraged to study abroad in their sophomore year.