Here is the latest from the National Weather Service in Bismarck on the Arctic weather moving into the area, including a mixture of snow and very cold temperatures.

According to the NWS in Bismarck-

Snow will spread across the southwest and south central, with 3 to 6 inches possible. The snow will develop Saturday night and continue into Monday morning. Across the southwest the precipitation will be a mix of rain and snow or even all rain for a while Sunday. This could limit the snow amounts there. Eventually the snow will move to the south central and east of the Missouri river. The winter weather advisory may need to be expanded there late Sunday night and Monday. Then, much cold next week. Below zero temperatures possible southwest.

NWS/NOAA- Bismarck

Make sure you take the necessary precautions including shelter for your livestock and animals. Double check the fuel in your automobiles and make sure you have an updated safety kit in your car with fresh batteries including cell phone batteries, dry clothes and blankets.

Travel could be sketchy Sunday night through Monday.

Stay with us as we will continue to update this winter weather moving through the area.

(source- National Weather Service-Bismarck)