Going into the World Cup, everyone thought that the US wouldn't make it out of the Group Stage. Someone forgot to tell that to the boys of the United States Men's National Team as they bested some of the best teams in the world to move forward.Starting this World Cup with a win over nemisis Ghana, then getting a draw, and much needed point, against #3 Portugal. Going into the Germany match today, more scenarios led to the US making it through than not. (I could write an entire article on just the scenarios)

The one that came into play today was: If the US lost to Germany (which they did 1-0), they could still move on if Portugal won their match by less than 4 goals. (which they did 2-1)

The US makes history by moving on in this tournament. This is the first time in US Soccer history that the Men's team has made it into the Knockout Stage in 2 consecutive World Cups.

Knockout Round starts for the US on Tuesday 7/1 at 3pm CDT. Who the US will face will be decided later this afternoon, but likely Belgium or Algeria.