Football, or Soccer as we call it in the US, is a pretty big deal across the world. So much so, that the cleat that scored the World Cup winning goal just sold at auction for more than $2.5 Million.Mario Gotze became an instant national hero for Germany this past summer when he scored the winning goal with his left foot in Extra Time in the World Cup Final. As most players do, he took his cleats home with him, treasuring the memory of his triumph over the world. Recently, he decided donate the boot (or cleat as we call it) to a German charity A Heart for Children.

After auctioning the cleat off, they have raised over $2.5 Million (2 Million Euros) for their cause.

Who knew that just kicking a ball in the back of a net could raise more money than anyone is likely to see in their natural life.

Thank You Mario for at least donating this to a worthy charity and not trying to collect off this massive achievement!