What to do with those gift cards from merchants you don't normally shop at? Wal-Mart could have the solution for you!

Wal-Mart is allowing customers to trade in gift cards from more than 200 retailers, airlines and restaurants for a Wal-Mart card. This is a test program this year but if it works, it could become a permanent service offered by the national big box chain.

"Wal-Mart spokesman Ravi Jariwala said the chain doesn't have specific metrics to evaluate that but will watch how shoppers react.

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Some national retailers are already doing this, but there is a catch. For example, you will not receive full value of the trade in. Amazon.com, you can redeem for 95%, Staples is at 90% and Gap is up to 85%. For some brands, a Wal-Mart gift card will be worth just 70 percent of the original card.

Wal-Mart partnered with Cardcash.com, follow the instructions and you'll see the value of your gift cards. Cardcash said that Wal-Mart gift cards are the most sought gift cards.

Simply put, you gather your gift cards, go to the website and see how much value you'll get in exchange for a Wal-Mart gift card.

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(source- Yahoo.com)