If you have ever wanted to be a "crime stopper," there is an opportunity that has recently presented itself. And the payout is not too shabby. So, how much money do you stand to make if you catch some bandits?

According to Valley News Live (Fargo), The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosive has offered up $10,000 to the person who helps the police capture a couple of suspects involved in a robbery in South Dakota. The news station says that one suspect (a juvenile) has been arrested in connection with a robbery of 25-40 firearms from First Stop Gun & Coin. While one suspect and 21 guns have been apprehended, two thieves and a few more guns are still at large. Get the full story and suspect turn-in information from Valley News Live here.

Twenty-five to forty guns were stolen from this shop! What could three people possibly be doing with that many guns? And is there any idea of where these suspects could have fled to? I mean, if there two suspects with four to twenty-nine guns still missing, does that mean the public should worry at all?

That is pretty bold to break into a store to steal guns. This is not some petty thievery. I am not an expert, but I imagine this would be a federal crime (for sure if the MIA suspects crossed state lines). And at least one of the criminals is a minor. I am sure we will be hearing more on this crazy crime very soon.

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