Curbside recycling has finally arrived here in Bismarck. Waste Management has started distributing 96 gallon totes to residential customers for all your recyclables.

Starting on March 31st, Waste Management will start collecting the Recycling bins every other week on the same day they pick up your garbage.

You don't need to sort or bag your recyclables, just place any and all of your recyclables in the bin. Not sure what can and can't be recycled? Here's the complete list of all things that can be recycled in your curbside bin.

I'm excited for this! My wife and I have had recycling bins in our homes since we were young. It's a habit that we've had for a long time. It makes me very happy that this program has kicked off! I'm not someone who thinks we're going to kill the planet every time we chop down a tree or mine a mineral, but I do believe that there is only a finite amount of resources on our planet. Anything we can do to make them last a little longer is a good thing in my book.

I am a bit surprised that Bismarck is just now enacting such a program. How about you?