Sad news to report.  The first-round draft pick of the San Francisco 49ers Trey Lance will miss the rest of the season with a broken ankle he suffered yesterday while playing against the Seattle Seahawks.

What is crazy about the hit that broke his ankle?  It appears that Trey Lance didn't even realize he was injured until he tried to get up from the play.  At that point, he grimaced in pain and fell back to the ground in agony.  It's tough to see exactly what happened from the bottom of the pile but it appears his leg got turned around.  The hit seemed fairly harmless when watching in real time.  WARNING:  This might be tough to watch for sensitive viewers.

According to, the injury (fractured ankle) will require surgery that will end his season.  Lance was actually carted off the field as both teams rallied around his cart wishing him well as he was taken away.  The injury took place early in the game in the first quarter.  The play in that Trey Lance was hurt was when he was tackled during an option run up the middle.  It begs the aged old question, do you really want your Quarterback running with the ball if he doesn't have to?

The 49ers look brilliant now for not trading away Jimmy Garoppolo prior to this season as many predicted they would.  Garoppolo took over for Lance and led the 49ers to a 27-7 victory over Seattle



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