The late Hugh Hefner, as many may know, was a pop culture icon that influenced fashion, entertainment and, of course, music.

At a recent show held on September 28, the members of Weezer came together for a special performance of their 2005 hit "Beverly Hills."

Recollecting the song's era, which boasted the lavish lifestyles of California's finest, Weezer tweeted a photo montage of the time "Beverly Hills" was shot at Hugh Hefner's Playboy mansion. The group then thanked the late Hugh Hefner for "picking up their phone call," referencing beginning scenes from the music video.

"Thanks for taking our phone call, Hef! R.I.P. to one of the more unlikely guest stars in a weezer video ever. #beverlyhills," the band tweeted.

To refresh your memory, watch Hugh Hefner and the Playboy playmates guest start in Weezer's 2005 hit, "Beverly Hills" below.

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