A well blow out near Watford City has leaked over 23,000 gallons of oil and brine in Dunn  County.

According to officials, no injuries were reported and minimal damage to the land around the spill nor did it effect water ways in the area, according to the North Dakota Department of Health. The incident happen about 18 miles outside of Watford City Saturday morning around 10:30. The site is owned by XTO Energy.

David McNew / Getty Images

The well released about 110 barrels or 4000+ gallons of brine and about 550 barrels of oil. A majority of the spill was contained around the well site but some did escape into the Badlands area.

According to an XTO spokesperson  , the crews were doing completion work when the blowout occurred.  Clean up is currently on going on the site with a good portion of the brine and oil recovered.


An investigation is on going at the site.