North Dakota is opening back up and this "new normal" doesn't seem "normal" at all. I try so hard to keep my six-foot distance from others, but it's not easy. You can dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge others and STILL bump into someone. I'm not even sure it's possible to be as cautious as we're told to be. Especially when it comes to dining out.

How can we really "fight off" Coronavirus when we go out to eat? I'm not only talking about sit-down establishments, I'm also talking about fast food restaurants. I mean, you can't wear a mask to eat; a server, barista, bartender or whoever can't possibly keep six feet from their customers; exchanging money is dirty business, and how could a restaurant possibly make sure there's zero chance of spreading this illness?

For instance: I've been to few drive-thrus where the employees are wearing gloves and masks at the windows. They take my money, give me the change, don't change gloves, and then hand out my food. I've wondered, "How many cars have driven through before those gloves have been changed?"

As far as dine-in establishments go, I can't imagine the nightmare it is trying to keep restaurants up to COVID-19 cleanliness standards. I mean, neither staff nor patrons are required to wear masks or gloves - that's up to individual restaurants. At the restaurants my fiance and I have gone to, our waiters/waitresses stood near us to take our orders, dropped off our food, and took our money. They also waited on other tables while we were there. Am I supposed to believe that no germs are spread for the entirety of our dining experiences?

I'm no germophobe, but I need someone to explain to me how we're really ridding North Dakota of COVID-19. I really don't understand how anything is getting better if this illness is still spreading, truly detrimental, and our state is reopening. I honestly am not worried about Coronavirus, but the chaos and uncertainty surrounding it are maddening and concerning to me. I can't help but think that closing down to the extent that the world has was pointless.


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