Statistically speaking your odds of dying from an encounter with an animal in the United States is pretty low.  

How low?  Very low.  Only a chance of 1 in 1.6 million.  I'll take those odds.  According to our friends at Stacker, you have a much better chance of croaking from a good ol' heart attack, or the C word getting you, than you do of dying from a snake, alligator, spider, or any other animal encounter.

When it comes to hitting an animal with your car by far the most dangerous animal in America is a deer.

Deer crash encounters cost drivers at least $4,000 dollars on average in the United States.  In 2022 there were close to two million vehicular accidents with deer in our country.

Stacker analyzed recent data from State Farm's annual animal collision study to determine which states you are most likely to run into an animal with your vehicle.

How likely are you to run into a deer or other animals in North Dakota? 

The odds are pretty good comparatively speaking with other states in our country.  In fact, North Dakota ranks in the Top 10.  North Dakota comes in at #9 (odds are 1 in 68).  We're even ahead of other well-known states for hitting deer like Minnesota (#11).  That surprises me with all the woods and forests in Minnesota.  Our friends in South Dakota came in at #3 and Montana and Big Sky Country came in at #2.  West Virginia came in at #1.

The most common time of year for hitting a deer in America is during the mating season.  That falls between October and December.  You are also more likely to run into deer when it's dark or early morning when deer are most active.

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