There's a blogger slash content creator on Instagram and Facebook by the name of Matt Surelee who likes to publish maps.  He likes to ask his followers questions about their states and then he puts together a map.

Matt has a wide range of topics from "The Most Overrated Attraction In Each State" to "The Best Sandwich In Each State", and "Would You Rather Be Hot or Cold?"

One of his latest questions is something that caught my eye.  "What's Every State's Biggest Stressor?"  I had to chuckle when I saw North Dakota and Minnesota's number one answers.  "Weather", go figure.  We all love to bitch about it and it's by far the number one topic of idle chit-chat with a stranger.  What's going on with the weather.  "How cold is it going to get", "When will we see rain again", "How much snow will we?"

In all fairness, weather is pretty important for us North Dakotans as it can sometimes mean life or death when you are talking about bone-chilling temperatures that we sometimes get around here.  Not to mention the blizzards, tornadoes, and hail that always make life interesting in the upper Midwest.

It looks like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Washington are all weather-stressed states as well.  South Dakota is worried about "work" and Montana is still worrying about COVID-19.  I think both of those states need to crack a beer.  You know what I'm saying.  Overall "work" is the thing that stresses out most Americans.

I sure hope you are NOT stressed out this 4th of July weekend and you have a stress-free 4th.  Cheers.

Matt Surelee-Instagram
Matt Surelee-Instagram



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