I kid you not, my friend and I were just saying last night how we knew the North Dakota State Fair wouldn't happen this year. Then, at about 6:00 this morning, when scrolling through Facebook, I saw the news of what we had been speculating this whole time - "The 2020 North Dakota State Fair is CANCELLED." As far as I'm concerned, 2020 is dead to me. Thank you, Coronavirus.

Now that the news is official, I'm thinking about all the things I'll miss about my favorite event of the year. Read more to find out what I'll miss most this year.

TUBBY'S - Every year, I have to stop at Tubby's for a giant elephant ear and a cold lemonade. I mean, there's nothing as great as deep fried fair food, and Tubby's has the best. I guess I'll just have to double-clog my arteries at Tubby's at the 2021 North Dakota State Fair.

THE SLINGSHOT This is by-far the scariest of the fair rides, and one I have yet to experience. Every year, I watch person after person shoot through the air, and I pretend that I'm going to muster up the courage to go on the ride myself. Though I've been on some of the fastest, tallest, and most terrifying coasters in the country, the Slingshot petrifies me. Now, I'm regretful that I didn't ride it when I had the chance.

SHOPPING - There are so many cool and unique vendors throughout the fairgrounds. I love going through the retail booths. I'll miss finding fun trinkets, jewelry, and other treasures at the fair.

CONCERTS - This is the real reason we all go to the fair, right? There's nothing like drinking all day and partying all night in the summer heat while getting up close and personal with my favorite artists. Maybe Billy Idol will make an appearance next year.

What will you miss about the North Dakota State Fair?


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