There is so much talk about the middle class. Especially now, with the presidential election on the horizon, every politician wants to cater to TMC, The Middle Class!

How much money does one have to make to be considered middle class? It varies from state to state. So you may currently be upper class, if you lived in Arkansas or Louisiana. We'll get to that later.

According to PEW, the middle class shrunk in every state from 2000-2013.

Let me ask this. How much money should a household make to me considered middle class?  $75,000?    $32,589.00?      $102,786.00?

YES! Depending on where you live, all of the above is correct.

For North Dakota, which by the way is in the upper 20 of the middle class chart. I'll explain that later. Here are the numbers;

  • upper end- $111,518
  • lower - $37,173
  • medium income - $55,579

That is a huge spread my friend! I would say about 75% of most house holds are considered middle class.

In comparison, on the lower end of the states chart, Mississippi is at the bottom (#50) of the list with the upper end at $75,000+ and the lower end is $25,309.

The complete chart is here.