It's Blizzarding

Welp, here we are, almost halfway into April, and getting hit with a blizzard. This is nothing all too surprising for us North Dakotans; we’re used to losing the warm-weather lottery. Since many of us will be staying home over the next couple of days, I’d like to offer up a few (mostly) fun ways to spend your time inside.


So, I know what we'll actually spend most of our time doing; we’ll devote 2-4 hours to watching Tiktok videos, scroll through Facebook, which probably led you here, and binge-watch whatever is trending on Netflix. 

No shame here, but here are a couple other suggestions, if you get bored.  

We're Listing:

  1. Plan Your Next Vacation – Even though warm weather and sandy beaches are but a distant dream right now, you can still plan your future paradise. Take this time to look at cruises and plan a wonderfully warm vacation. Think warm thoughts! 
  2. Delete Your Old Myspace Account – If you’re anything like me, you probably still have a painfully embarrassing Myspace account still floating around out there in the ether of the internet. Now is the time to channel your inner “Hacker,” figure out that old password, message Tom if you have to, and get that thing gone. Remove all evidence of your scene/emo days. After ridding the world of that memory, you will immediately notice the air is lighter, and the sun shines a little brighter. 10/10 highly recommend it. 
  3. Get To Know Your Neighbors –  I'm not recommending anyone go outside in a blizzard, so if you live in a house, this might not work for you. If you’re bored and lonely enough, wandering around your apartment building could be a great way to make new friends. You’ll finally be able to ask your neighbors what that awful smell … Err... what it is they are cooking to create that wonderfully delicious aroma. See, this has a dual purpose; you can do a little investigating while you’re at it! And... If you find out your neighbor is a psychopath, well you know what to do when your lease is up.
  4. Cook A New Dish – Seeing the massive raid that occurred at the grocery stores yesterday, I know many of you are well equipped to do this. Try that Pinterest recipe you’ve been telling people you would eventually make. Put on your apron and chef’s hat and get creative. 
  5. Drink – I mean... if you got it, drink it! Most of us still have to work from home during the blizzard, so once 5 o’clock hits, get gluggin’! Either that or don’t get caught. Kidding, mostly. 
  6. Try A New Look – Have you ever wanted to do your hair differently, or try the new trending makeup look, but never had time to test it out in the morning and certainly didn’t want to give it a go without a test run? Same! Watch those tutorials again, and try that new braid, or use that green eyeshadow. And, if it looks awful, no one will ever know or see. 
  7. Exercise – I know; I rolled my eyes as I typed it. Look, we all want to be that person. I wish I were self-disciplined enough to stand in front of a TV and get down to a Jane Fonda workout (Billy Blanks?), but the person I am in my head is not the same person that I am out loud. If I’m not physically at a gym, it ain’t happening. That said, if it’s your thing and you’re feeling a need for speed or whatever, you go for it!
  8. Spring Cleaning – This one doesn’t feel fair, since our Spring season isn’t what TV tells us it should be. I mean, it’s April, and it’s blizzarding! Ridiculous. But... what needs to be done, needs to be done. You might not be able to go outside, and it might not feel like Spring, but you can still start sorting through old clothes and doing all the necessary annual chores. I know it doesn’t sound fun; that’s why I’ve placed this firmly at the bottom of this list. Only once you’ve exhausted all other options do I recommend this as a “fun activity.” For motivation, watch some “Cleantok” videos. 


So, because that’s literally everything my brain can produce, and I’m slightly OCD, and 8 feels like a good stopping point, I will conclude this list. I hope I’ve inspired you or, at the very least, entertained you for a brief moment. End scene. 





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