The countdown is on - it is 10 DAYS UNTIL ALL HALLOWS' EVE! Things like trick-or-treating are definitely going to be a little different this year, but we can still be excited about overdosing on an absurd amount of sugary candy. That is called a silver lining.

Speaking of candy, there is actually a state-by-state guide to people's favorite Halloween candy. And you might be surprised to find out what North Dakota's collective favorite candy is. I'll give you a hint - this candy is "Unexplainably Juicy!" Think about it. Do you know the answer?

If the hint was not a dead giveaway, I will tell you that our state's favorite candy is STARBURST. According to Zippia, North Dakota is one of six states that loves Starburst more than all the other candies. You can find out every state's favorite candy on Zippia's website.

Now, while I do not mind Starburst, I am kind of picky about all of the flavors. I like the orange, and I LOVE the red. I never eat the other flavors - not even the fan favorite pink Starburst. Starburst is not really my favorite candy, however, I do love another type of fruity flavored candy.

My personal favorite candy is the Great Value brand of gummy bears. Not only can you get a huge bag for $4, but every flavor is fruity and delicious - even the typically ewwy green and yellow gummy bears!

If you had to pick just one candy, what would be your favorite?

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