Did mom and dad tell you as a student to be smart, study hard and pay attention in school because one day you'd want a good paying job? If you decided to go to med school and you work in North Dakota, you're one of the highest paid workers in the state.

US World and News Report released a survey this week of the highest paying jobs in each state of the union. After going through the entire list, those in the medical profession are raking in big time dollars!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent annual mean wage estimates from 2013, surgeons scored the highest salaries in 13 of the 50 states. Dentist banked pretty darn well also. (no surprise, have you been to a dentist lately?)

Carl Court / Getty Images

Anesthesiologists are doing well in six states and the District of Columbia, followed by orthodontists.

Bottom line, the medical field are where the best professional salaries are.

North Dakota top job is General Physician- Average annual salary of $240,230.

"This job name is literal – general physicians are concerned with diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases and illnesses that commonly occur in the general population. And like other health care jobs, general physicians will see abundant job growth. The BLS forecasts 123,300 new job openings from 2012 to 2022.

This will make me look at my doctor completely different!