Seems like now is a good time to talk about booze!! When isn't it a good time to talk booze! Business Insider conducted a survey to discover the most popular liquor in every state in the country and boy, am I surprised, sort of!

Just to be clear, I have allegiance to 2 liquors. One is passed on from my mom in Louisiana, Crown Royal. The other, I was introduced to this by country singer Gary Allen backstage at a concert and that is Grey Goose. I don't fancy one more than the other. After reading the survey it makes sense only because Crown Royal is the favorite liquor in Louisiana.

But what about North Dakota? I'm still shaking my head at this one, Jack Daniels! EWWW, my stomach hurts thinking about it!

Here is how they came up with this list. After all, there is an app for everything, and BARTRENDr is an app that connects drinkers to each other and from this data (700,000 users) they came up with the most popular liquor in each state.

Forty two states named a form of whiskey as the favorite and Jack Daniels let that charge. Minnesota loves Fireball and South Dakota and Montana are in the JD club. Virginia is for lovers and Grey Goose! (I knew I love Virginia for some odd reason, it's all becoming clear now)

Do you agree or is this survey a bit tipsy?

See all fifty states fav booze here.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images