It's no secret that every state has their own slang. Hell, we've even covered it on this very website before. But, if your state had one official word, what would it be?

The folks over at Slate put together a list entitled 'The United Slang of America,' in which they determined each state's official word.

Before we find out what Slate picked as North Dakota's official word, let's first figure out how they determined it:

First, we called up some linguists who helped us make an initial list of unique words that are in one way or another associated with a particular state. That got us off to a coruscant start (linguists!). Next we researched online message board discussions about zany terms that have gained popularity in different states. We also surveyed friends and colleagues on the words they most associate with their home states and polled Slate readers on Facebook. Ultimately, we built up groupings of anywhere from five to 10 viable options for each state and then, well, argued a lot.

So, what is North Dakota's official word? Drumroll, please:

hotdish (noun): a casserole

Yes, hotdish is North Dakota's official word, according to Slate. Minnesota got to stake their claim on 'uff da,' while South Dakota got 'chislic,' whatever the hell that is.

To see the rest of Slate's 'United Slang of America,' just CLICK HERE.