There has been a lot of tension around the country with regards to the way police officers interact with citizens.

Obviously the Bismarck Police Department is no stranger to recent events and today they released a guide on what to do if you get pulled over by an officer.

These guidelines were released to ensure the safety of both the citizen in the officer.

The three page document explains reasons why a police officer might pull you over and what to do when this happens.

Some of the guidelines include:

  • Putting on your flashers to let the officer know you are going to comply and pull over.
  • Pulling over as far away from the traffic flow as possible.
  • Turning on your interior light so the officer can see you.
  • Keeping your hands visible at all times and not reaching for anything (including your license, registration and insurance) until the officer specifically asks you for it.
  • Inform the officer that you are carrying a weapon if you have one but making sure to not reach for it or point at it. The Bismarck Police also advise you to say, "I am conceal carrying" rather than, "I have a gun."

Be sure to check out the full guide and it is likely that if you cooperate with officers, things will end well for both parties.

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