Donald Trump will be in Bismarck Thursday to speak at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference.

Here are some things you should know whether you are attending the event or not. First off, it is unclear when Donald Trump is arriving, the routes he will be taking etc as that would compromise safety and the agreement local law enforcement has made with the Secret Service according to the Bismarck Police Department.

Heavy traffic is expected in the areas surrounding the Bismarck Event Center. If you plan to travel through that area, try to take an alternate route or leave yourself extra time.

South 7th Street between Front Ave and Bowen Ave will be closed in the southbound lanes. Bowen Ave will also be closed between 7th street and 5th street. 5th Street between Bowen Ave and Front Street will also be closed.

If you have a general admission ticket for Trump's address, you are expected to line up on the west side of the Bismarck Event center along 5th street on the sidewalk that runs north-south. Doors to the Bismarck Event Center will not open prior to 10am.

For more information, check out the notice sent out by the Bismarck Police Department. Additional information is available at

[Bismarck Police Department]