Forget something? Tired of holiday food and want a quick burger? A quick run to the store for milk? You could be out of luck, after all it's Christmas. Most places are closed but you do have a few options.

Taking a quick run of what's open and closed today, we find that if you want to check out a movie, all local theaters are open as major releases debut today including "Unbroken". Check local listings. Movies are always a great way to get away from the family!

Most grocery stores are closed today. After calling Dan's and Cash-Wise, we found they are closed. *** UPDATE*** Little Dukes is OPEN until 8PM and the employees are letting customers into Cash-Wise for items, although Cash-Wise is technically closed.


Pharmacy- CVS is closed today locally but nationally, CVS is open according to International Business Times.

Library and banks are closed today, and no mail service today. In some cases, USPS will have special Christmas Day deliveries.

Health clubs- YMCA is closed but 24 hour fitness clubs are open without staff today.

Public Transportation- CAT and Jefferson Bus are closed today.

You will find a few restaurants open including Chinese Buffets, be sure to call before arriving to find that they're closed. Fast food restaurants for the most part are closed although some could have limited services.

Public agencies: State, local and federal offices are closed.

Bismarck Airport is open.

Convenience store- Loaf N' Jug, Holiday Station-Service Stores are open.

It would be wise to call before you go out.

And of course, the offices of Townsquare Media are closed but we are live and on the air all day today!