We all have our favorite watering holes. And they become our favorite bar for several reason.

It could be they have the coldest beer in town or you love the service. it could be as simple as you really enjoy the atmosphere.

The Daily Meal.com was handed the task of figuring out the best bar in every state. These surveys always use customers' comments and listings from social media.

For the best bar in North Dakota, you'll have to travel to Grand Forks. It seems  folks in the state love to fly to The Parrots Cay for the atmosphere and the huge selection of tap beer. But one of the best reason is to have some wings that are swimming in sauce. And the sauce heat rating is from mild (level-3) to extremely HOT (level 40). Of course, the Parrots Cay has a contest where you can win a t-shirt and $100 gift card. Think you could stomach 5 minutes of the level 40 wings?

Marco Di Lauro / Getty Images

Sometimes the best bar is the bar on the route home after work!