Here's one of those lists again! This time, the folks at MSN found the best restaurant in every state. Where do you think NoDaks best restaurant is?

The folks at MSN went through a few lists including the Best Restaurants in America and the Best 101 Restaurants list. From these two lists, MSN did a little research and came up with the best eatery in each state.

Sean Gallup/ Getty Images

Did they get this right? In North Dakota, according to this list, the best restaurant is Mezzaluna in Fargo.

Located in historic downtown Fargo, Mezzaluna combines the glamour of an upscale restaurant with the coziness of a small town. Their menu features dressed-up comfort foods, such as mac and cheese, as well as more elaborate options, including pistachio encrusted rack of lamb and crab stuffed walleye.

According to the website Open Table, the feedback is very positive.

Did MSN get it right? Let us know!