A great economy and low employment, things are good in North Dakota. 24/7 Wall St recently released a list of the most expensive cities in each state. And here, we have the listing for NoDak.

24/7 Wall St used the following criteria to find the most expensive city in each state.

Based on recently released price level data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the most expensive metropolitan areas in each state

The data would include the price of goods, including housing, food, medicine, health care and entertainment such as sporting events and games. These services vary from state to state, this survey examined every state, then broke down the number for each state.

What we find for North Dakota, there is not much difference between the most expensive city compared with the second or third city.

Bismarck is listed as the most expensive city in NoDak.

While Bismarck is the most expensive city in North Dakota, it is not much more  expensive than the other two metro areas in the state. Fargo and Grand Forks  have a higher regional price parity than the state as a whole. Grand Forks, the  least expensive city in the state is only 1.2% cheaper than Bismarck. Bismarck  is roughly 4% more expensive than the state a whole.

You can see the complete list here of the most expensive city in every state.