Where could this house be? And how much is the house worth?

Every wonder about what living high on the hog looks like? How many millions would it cost to live like a king?

According to Zillow.com,  they complied a list of the most expensive houses in each state. The criteria was pulling the priciest single family homes from each state. These are not working farms or ranches. These are homes with land that people (rich) live in.

In North Dakota, that house would be in Fargo and costs $2.849 million dollars.

Here are the specs on the mansion.  The lot size is 1.1 acre. Living area of 7,421 square feet and that is about $384 per square foot. The house is located 2043 Rose Creek Blvd-S, Fargo.


The house also boast an indoor pool.

By the way, the house is for sale!

(source- Yahoo.com and Zillow.com)