I may be stating the obvious when I say that this pandemic sucks. But not all of the aftermath of mass shutdowns has been terrible. Oddly enough, the shutdowns have caused some aspects of life to become a bit nostalgic. For instance: so many movies that are currently showing in theaters are old school Blockbusters.

I love that movie theaters are doing the "Flashback Cinema" thing. When I lived in Grand Forks, they would do this during the week at the River Cinema in East Grand Forks, pre-COVID. It is really fun to see old movies in the theater. So, I always go to ones that I was too young (or not alive) to see when they were in the theater. Last night, I threw on my Hocus Pocus t-shirt, and went to the theater to see it.

When I got to the movie, I sat in my own row, turned my phone to do not disturb, and sat through the pre-movie Looney Tunes short and most of the previews before this group of hooligans (yes, hooligans) showed up. I might sound like a grumpy old "Karen" when I say this, but this group of people had no business ever being in a movie theater.

I kid you not, a bunch of people showed up right before the movie started and caused a ruckus from the second they arrived. Innocent people were quietly waiting for Hocus Pocus to start, and this group made up of entirely self-unaware individuals came in to ruin the experience for everyone.

What did these people do? Loudly found their seats and proceeded to talk for the ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE FILM.

Don't these people know the rules of the a movie theater? I mean, maybe if they showed up for the previews, they would have read the on-screen notice to not be be disruptive.

In case anyone needs a reminder, here is a list of annoying things that happen at the theater:

What NOT To Do While At The Movies

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