You can catch more flies with honey right?  Dog crap works pretty good too.  Maybe you've seen the chatter on the internet or social media pages.  Common line you'll read here in Bismarck, "why are there so many flies this early."  I've noticed it too.

Typically, August is the peak month for flies in North Dakota.  You know, when you can't even open your outside door quickly, without letting 2 or 3 of those disgusting pests into your home.  Then, you spend the next 20 minutes trying to track down those pesky flies with a fly swatter or magazine.  One company is trying to capitalize on our fly epidemic by selling squirt guns filled with salt water to shoot down flies in your home.  I saw a commercial for it on TV and it looks like fun, but the price is a crazy $70 bucks or something like that.

North Dakota is not the only state that is fighting flies so early this year.  All across the country from Illinois to Texas, are reporting more flies than normal.  There's even reports of restaurants having to close in Florida do to infestations of flies.  Worldwide it seems to be a problem as well.  Australia, who has summer when we have winter, said it was a terrible year for them this past January.  France, Germany and parts of Asia are all complaining about flies.

According to a friend of mine, who works at a pest control company in town, warm and dry weather seems increase the fly population.  Drought conditions and record warmth this early has magnified the situation.  Makes you wonder how bad it will be in August.  I ran across some cows all huddled together by my house the other day.  Cows do this to keep flies off of each other by swatting flies with their tails.  I felt bad for them, as I noticed some of their ears were infested with flies biting them.  Yikes!  Better strap yourself in, could be a long summer filled with biting flies.


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