A flurry of flights canceled in North Dakota over the last couple of days

I saw a post just yesterday on Facebook about flights being canceled, here and all over North Dakota. One person was extremely annoyed that he had to drive to another airport, way out his way, and pay almost double for his flight. Several people had commented that the problem stemmed from IT.

Isn't 'IT' a Stephen King movie?

Yes, back in 1990 'IT', a horror movie came out in the theatres, the last couple of days in North Dakota several personal horror stories came out involving 'IT', but this had nothing to do with a creepy clown, Issues technical was the culprit. According to Valleynewslive  "A technical glitch forces several flight cancellations in North Dakota on Friday. Two flights out of Fargo were cancelled. Five flights across three airlines scheduled to operate through Bismarck Airport were cancelled"  This was the reason for many people to have their frustrations amplified.

Rumors are "flying" all over the place (sorry for the pun)

Some have suggested that one of the real reasons why the flights have been scratched stems from a "worker shortage", then others are writing in completely demoralized for the hassle of having to drive to another city, airport, and spending more money for the flight.

Some of the airlines affected were United and Delta

Valleynewslive added "According to a statement from Delta Airlines, a “technical issue affected flights operated by Delta connection partner Sky West.” Flying can be a real grind if complications arise, and unfortunately, people are seeing that.

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